The One About How To Keep Your Cool When Stuck at Home

AAAAHHH!!! Whew. This is rough, folks. Let's talk about how we can make things a little less heavy at home while we are all waiting for the virus to pass! Leslie & Marie consult some "experts" (aka really awesome kids) to ask them what they are up to, how they are coping, advice they have and how they see good coming from all of this. All that, along with lots of great info, laughs, and for crying out loud - it's something to do for about 50 minutes, so why not?

Episode 10 - Keeping your Cool When Stuck in Your House

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Articles used for this episode:

Prioritize Self-care

Know you’re not alone Connect with others (Phone, Social Media, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom - Online Happy Hours)Stay informed, but manage your media dietStick to a routineTake care of your body (exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep)Take mental breaks (meditation, prayer, deep breaths)Be a good human (support small businesses - hair appts, house cleaners, gyms, restaurants)

What should we tell our kids? It’s as much about how you say it as it is what you say.

Stay calm - They are watching youOnly tell them what they need to knowKeep it simple and age appropriateExplain what’s happening in a way that they can understand

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And don’t forget, you are enough right where you are.

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