The One About Road Rage

Do you get annoyed on the road? Do you lose your cool, even though you're actually a really nice person in everyday life? Yeah, we get it. Sometimes road rage can just ruin your day! Today we talk about the psychology behind it, how to avoid it and what to do when you're faced with a "rager" on the road! Don't miss this informative and super relatable episode.


If You are Prone to Road Rage

-Get sufficient rest -- lack of sleep leads to loss of control.

-Limit alcohol -- "Alcohol can make you rageful," Cadell says (not to mention impair your driving other ways).

-Leave earlier for your destinations. That 10-second wait won't bug you as much.

-Play soothing music. This can really help.

-Put pictures of your loved ones on the dashboard -- you want to come home to them.

Remember, this behavior can cost you in more ways than one. "People don't think about that," Markell says. "This can have a high price tag even if no one is hurt or killed -- tickets, lawyers, court costs, damage to vehicles, insurance rates."

If You are Threatened by a "Rager"

-It is often up to the victim to control the situation.

-If you are being tailgated, change lanes.

-If someone wants to pass, slow down and let them.

-Don't return gestures.

-Stay behind the person who is angry at all costs (they can do less damage if you are behind them)

-If necessary, pull off the road or take an exit and let them go on by.

-Some experts say that you shouldn’t make eye contact. (The author doesn’t agree with this one. "I believe you must look at the person," she says. "See them as a person. And what if you have to identify them later?”)

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