The One Where We Talk About Fitness

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Whew, motivation to do a fitness routine can be tough when you're tired, hot-flashing, or over-extended!  Leslie & Marie talk about the excuses, the why's and the how's of fitness in midlife from a very relatable place. Hopefully, you'll come away feeling understood, encouraged and maybe even a little bit motivated! Don’t know what to do at the gym? KPNfit gym guide is available on Instagram at @kpnfit or visit her website at! Her guides will give you all you need to build confidence at the gym! If you don’t go to the gym, and prefer working out at home, KPNfit’s home guide is for you. Code MADNESS for 25% off any of her guides! Here's Why:

Your family loves you.

Your brain will work better.

Fitness doesn’t take time out of your life, it puts life into your time.

You’ll feel better.

Your confidence will increase, you’ll feel accomplished. 

So you can enjoy your retirement.

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